Mr Humphries & Ms Findlay – NICHOLSON RD, THORNDALE

As a Brisbane-based property owners in Stanthorpe, my wife and I were looking for a reliable firm to manage our properties.  The logistics to managing rental properties form a distance (securing reliable renters, repairs, contracts, inspections etc etc) is extremely challenging and near impossible if you work full-time.

We bought our properties through Cec Mann and they are no managing the properties on our behalf.  We have found them to be extremely cooperative and professional and a pleasure to deal with. Securing renters was no problems and ensuring the properties are repaired when necessary and are well maintained is all well taken care of over the phone and via email.

We can’t speak highly enough of the team at Cec Mann.  Looking after our properties is not just about an investment, we intend to move up to Stanthorpe in the not too distant future so maintaining them is all about looking after our future home.