Dear Scott, Neither of us had any feelings for or against Cec Mann Real esate, But we were comfortable to deal with you. We feel you were right on top of the sale of Old Warwick Road all throughout the process. You were very prompt, you seemed to be more than capable of assessing the value of the property & finding suitable buyers. We felt you were really “on the ball”. You were relaxed & pleasent yet very professional in that the sale of the property was always uppermost. You definetly seem to know Stanthorpe’s Real Estate market, properties for sale, their prices, the market value, what’s selling where & when. We’d have no hesitation sending people to you to buy or sell. We felt you appreciated the work & effort we’d put into the property, the time & care we’d invested in it & that was gratifying for us. Good luck in your future business dealings we hope you continue to do well.