Conditions of Entry

You may need to comply with our conditions of entry if you wish to inspect our properties. The conditions are designed for your safety and security, the security of the occupants of the property and the safety and security of Cec Mann Real Estate staff.

Before you may inspect properties listed with Cec Mann Real Estate you may be asked to provide – 

Your name;

Your home address; and

Your telephone number

You must also be able to identify yourself by producing photo I.D. (perhaps your current drivers’ licence or passport).

Cec Mann & Co staff will record your personal information: your name, home address, telephone number and the number of your drivers’ licence/passport.If you would prefer not to provide your personal information, you may wish to inspect another property.Thank you for your co-operation.The main consequence for you if you do not provide your personal information is that you will be unable to inspect such real estate properties .

For further information see our Privacy Policy