I choose Cec Mann Real estate because I know the staff personally and felt I could communicate my requirements in regards to the sale of the property. Because our property was on the market for an unusually long time (we hadn’t expected a low market) I would have like more personal communication either by phone or face to face…most of the time I did not have access to a computer, so therefore felt I did not know what was happening in regards to the sale of the property. You Scott, and staff were always helpful and friendly. The several signs & especially the large one was a good experience and worth the expense. The coloured flyers at the front gate were also beneficial as they were all taken by prospective buyers. I feel that our property is a lovely one (and marketable) and found it difficult at times to understand why we were not getting ‘lookers’. However was extremely surprised when there was a buyer out of the blue. I have already recommended your office to several friends.